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With a history that goes back to 1836, Schneider Electric SE was only fully incorporated in 1981 and is now a leading multinational corporation based in France, specialising in energy management, mechanical and electrical products such as frequency converters. It is engaged in a number of building automation systems and hardware systems, and has an extensive variety of software products. With headquarters in Rueil-Malmaison, the business also has a large office at the World Trade Centre in Grenoble. Other offices and production sites are distributed throughout the world. Schneider's product portfolio is extensive. It is a maker of home automation systems, for example, as well as all sorts of electrical switches and sockets. Schneider is also engaged in the production of industrial safety systems, industrial control devices and cooling systems for data centres and server rooms. In the field of electrical power distribution it has a huge array of products, as well as those designed for electrical grid automation and so-called smart grid technologies. It makes motor controllers, optical signal generators and cable trunking systems. As well as optical sensors, Schneider is a well-regarded manufacturer of inductive sensing equipment and all manner of circular connectors. A Fortune Global 500 company, Schneider Electric is a publicly traded business that is listed on the Euronext Exchange.


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