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Based in Taipei, Taiwan, D-Link is a multinational manufacturer of computer networking equipment. The company initially started as Datex Systems and has since accrued thirty years of experience. Nowadays, D-Link designs and produces business networking solutions, including Wireless LAN routers with firewall safeguards, storage devices for data protection, and network switches, converters and network interface cards. For building security, domed indoor or outdoor cameras provide comprehensive surveillance with high resolution and variable focal length, as well as infrared for night vision. There is also sound capability and remote control of camera pan, tilt and zoom movement, as well as Power over Ethernet functionality to avoid using cables and adapters. Full ONVIF compliance ensures camera communication, including IP configuration, device discovery and management. Scalable from nine to over 100 cameras, these solutions offer integration with cross-platform applications through VMS, and remote viewing via an Internet browser. Other D-Link products include USB hubs, KVM switches and video distributors for peripheral sharing and changing connections conveniently and with ease, without the need to unplug and reconnect cables.


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