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Part of ELESTA GmbH, a Swiss-based company, Elesta Relays is well-known for its PCB safety relay products. In addition, the business designs, develops and manufactures a number of accessories for its relay equipment, such as DIN sockets and PCB sockets that can hold SIM cards. The Elesta brand was established in 1952, but Elesta Relays was only a going concern from the late 1990s onwards. With a manufacturing facility that also houses the product design part of the business, Elesta Relays continues to develop product improvements in all areas of electronics. For instance, the company now produces some eight different relay series and offers many more types of housing for its relays than ever before. It makes relay coils that are rated to 240 VDC, available in a choice of energy-efficient variants, as well as specialist products such as miniature optical encoders. Elesta Relays is also engaged in production of sensors that are designed for the industrial automation sector. The business is particularly associated with its high-quality sensing devices for functional safety systems.


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