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A UK based company with additional manufacturing facilities in China, Electrolube produces an award-winning range of solutions for electrical and electronic service, repair and maintenance workshops. Specialist Electrolube oils and lubricants are formulated to enhance performance and extend service life by reducing friction between electrical contacts and moving parts in equipment such as drills, saws and locks. In the assembly material for semiconductors range, heat transfer compound is available in a choice of syringes, cans, tins and cartridges with dispenser guns. Cooling and cold sprays with low electrostatic charges are compatible with the smallest CMOS components, while adhesive grease with excellent water resistance is ideal for conveyor chain preventive maintenance in the largest industrial applications. Electrical cleaners, lubricants and protective lacquer offer the best protection and lubrication to guard against corrosion, while also reducing noise and vibration. Alternatively, compressed air sprays make it easier to reach inaccessible areas to remove dust and dirt. Finally, SMS (surface mounted adhesive) and other workshop materials make soldering simpler, while sealing compounds are available in a choice of transparent or various colours.


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