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American Dymo Corporation has become a byword for handheld embossed label makers such as the LetraTag handheld range. Nowadays, this manufacturer also produces ergonomically designed LabelWriter printer models that are fully compatible with PCs and Macs. These efficient label writer printers feature easy to use QWERTY keyboards and intuitive navigation with multi-line LCD displays. Thermo-direct turbo printing technology gives laser quality results, making these labellers ideal for binders, folders, medical equipment, CDs, embossed labels on network equipment, or shipping and return addresses in a busy post room. Dymo label printers are available with single or twin outputs for double-quick printing. Other design points include memory facilities with copy and paste, patented software that allows quick access to special characters and a choice of battery and/or mains power, depending on the model of label maker. Replacement label tape packs and ink ribbons are available in a wide selection of widths and colours, as well as white and transparent name and address labels and printer options including batteries, power supply units and replacement cutting blades for labels.


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