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Duracell products include torches, rechargeable batteries and primary batteries in a wide range of cell sizes and multiple packs. Featuring alkaline manganese, zinc air or lithium battery manufacturing technologies, our Duracell bulk battery selection includes button cells, cylindrical sizes such as the popular AA and AAA sizes of 1.5 Volt replacement batteries and 9 Volt rectangular models. Duracell single use batteries such as the lightweight lithium Ultra range are a cost-effective solution; their Duralock Power Preserve patented technology guarantees a ten-year shelf life and makes it a useful idea to keep a stock of spares in offices, shops and other workplaces. Additionally, some Duracell batteries have a ‘Powercheck’ display that gives a visible indication of remaining battery power. Individual product descriptions include further details of battery lengths, diameters and multiple-pack quantities. Finally, battery performance capacity and limit in use depend on the load applied, ambient temperature and the device cut-off voltage; please see the discharge charts for estimated service life under constant current load conditions.


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