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Established in 1943, Dow Corning Electronics was an early supplier to the US military during World War II when the electronics industry was first discovering the economic potential of silicon-based products. This Michigan company is now a global manufacturer of silicone materials with a range of more than 7,000 products. Items such as sealants, adhesives, rubbers and lubricants, but also silicon oils and chemical solvents, are produced. Dow Corning’s output primarily serves the needs of the automotive, construction and electronics industries as well as healthcare applications. Within electronics, Dow Corning focuses upon areas such as advanced semiconductor assembly and packaging, and a selection of these sealing compounds and coatings are always available from stock. Mostly supplied in tubes in 90-500 ml quantities, these products include adhesives with thermal-conductive properties for structural bonding, high-tensile strength paste compounds designed to protect components, moisture- and corrosion-inhibiting coatings for PCB applications, silicone encapsulants for transformers and relays, and durable primers used to improve the adhesive properties of silicone elastomers.


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