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Texas-based Diodes Incorporated was formed in 1959 and originally functioned as a regional semiconductor company. During the 1990s, the enterprise expanded to become a fully integrated manufacturing concern. Today, Diodes Incorporated is a market-leading international company supplying discrete, analogue and logic semiconductor products to the automotive, communications, computer, consumer electronics, industrial and lighting sectors. A broad range of discrete semiconductor components can be supplied to meet the demands of individual specifications including diodes (e.g. Schottky, Zenor voltage) transistors (e.g. Power FETs, small signal transistors) and rectifiers. Voltage-specific analogue integrated circuit chips which are cost-efficient and fulfil a variety of power-system functions are available from stock. These include power management components, amplifiers, comparators, optoelectronic drivers, sensor circuits and voltage references, as well as various switches (including multiplexers for handling a range of signals).A selection of development tools and digital circuits such as inverters and gates can also be supplied.


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