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Launched in 2002, devolo are a German company based in Aachen who develop innovative communication solutions for the domestic and commercial markets. These include home and industrial networks (cabled and wireless) as well as camera monitors and smart home automation products. The transfer of data signals via conventional wired electricity networks is the core technology used by most devolo devices. Known as dLAN Powerline technology, this bypasses the need for a separate cabled network and facilitates flexible plug-and-play style connectivity between computers, smart TVs, gaming consoles and most network devices. Available systems offer data transfer rates from 200Mbps up to 1200Mbps between each plug outlet. One devolo plug connects to a Wi-Fi router and the remaining devolo units will auto-detect to create a local network. Each plug-in devolo adapter also has onboard network ports configured to LAN transfer at 10/100 or 10/100/1000. Powerline adapters offer a maximum range of up to 300 metres between units, but when connected via coax TV wiring installations or twin-core telephone wiring, the effective range increases to up to 600 metres. These connectivity networks can also accommodate devolo’s smart home devices and security cameras.


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