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Deltron components have been designing and manufacturing professional audio cables since 1946. Originally based in London, the company moved its base of operations to Lincolnshire in 2000 and expanded its production to encompass a wide range of XLR, DIN and phono connectors. Deltron are respected world wide for their connection solutions, that are used across the globe by the electronics and broadcasting industries. They also manufacture an extensive range of laboratory plugs with a base metal of brass, and silver plated for increased conductivity, plus matching sockets for panel fitting. Along with connectors, Deltron manufacture metal enclosures. Aluminium in construction, they are available in a number of sizes for a multitude of industrial projects. Tracks also fitted for the firm placement of printed circuit boards. Deltron’s specialised approach to a market niche allows them to concentrate on the design and manufacture of the highest quality components available within the industry.


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