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Based in Switzerland, Dätwyler Cables is a part of Dätwyler Cabling Solutions AG, a subsidiary of Pema Holding AG. The company operates in the market of professional cabling products which are primarily used in the fields of electrical and data communications infrastructures. Their cabling solution products are installed in many large buildings, such as office blocks, data centres and also in the domestic fibre optic networks of many countries. Dätwyler Cables also produces a number of safety cable systems included those used in lifts. Founded in 1915, the business went on to develop a successful range of telephony cabling products in the 1920s and invented some high-frequency cable systems a couple of decades later. More recently, Dätwyler Cables innovated a copper data cable that could meet all of the technical requirements of category 8.2 and which would also allow for data transfers at no less than 40 gigabits per second. It also makes pre-assembled multi-fibre, or trunk, cable systems. Along with its large range of telephony and network cables, Dätwyler manufactures control cables, installation material and connecting accessories for things like printer servers and I/O servers.


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