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CRC was founded in 1958 as Corrosion Reaction Consultants. From small beginnings and a single product, CRC has grown into an international business, producing 70 million cans of aerosol per year. Their market share includes the US, South America and Europe. CRC manufacture specialist chemicals for the automotive, marine, trucking and aerospace industries. They provide high-quality solutions for the general maintenance and repair markets. CRC produce a wide range of anti-corrosion products including lacquer sprays that offer anti-rust protection and up to 15 years' of corrosion resistance. They also produce a selection of sprays for cleaning delicate magnetic heads, multifunction oil sprays and aerosol lubricants designed for a range of surfaces including wood, leather and metal. Specialist adhesive lubricants are available that creep into more difficult areas and form a water- and temperature-resistant bond.


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