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Contrik was originally Neutrik Zurich AG and was established in 1985 as a Swiss subsidiary of Neutrik AG. In 2010, the company changed its name to Contrik AG. Contrik’s main focus is the design and production of high-quality connectors, cables and instrumentation, tailored for the entertainment industry. Contrik manufacture a wide range of cables including high speed HDMI from 1 to 10 metres in length. All are double shielded with gold-plated plug connectors. Pre-assembled mono jack cables can be ordered in lengths of 300 mm to 6000 mm. Along with cables, Contrik manufacture a selection of FLF installation kits with either gold-plated cinch sockets or VGA variants, and video-isolating transducers to suppress interference. There is also a full selection of connectors and associated accessories available to create bespoke cables. Contrik also supply flush mounting kits for panel connectors and speaker systems, plus passive adaptors used to prevent audio interference and leakage pick-up.


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