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A trading brand of the Spanish company Fadisel SL, Cebek is an industrial electronics manufacturer mostly known for its educational kits which are for teaching physics, electronics and technology. For instance, it has brought to the market a number of small and foldable solar panels for home use which can teach young and old the principles behind electrical micro generation. Cebek produce a number of robotic DIY kits which are designed to allow youngsters to learn the basics of automation and programming in a fun way. Cebek also have a number of pre-assembled circuit boards which are able to be integrated with their consumer products or those of other manufacturers. They manufacture timer modules and digital voice recorders which are made in OEM versions. The company offers pre-assembled power supply units, impulse counter displays and USB interfaces for use with its robotic products. There are also LED educational modules which are designed for home and school use as well as products like multiple output relay cards which also come in a pre-assembled, but unbranded, state.


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