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An international business that designs and manufactures electronic equipment and other sorts of automation components, Carlo Gavazzi Group has ISO 90001 certificated production facilities in Italy, Lithuania, Malta and China. Among its better-known products are its energy-focussed devices which are used in wide variety of industrial applications, commonly designed to reduce energy consumption and thereby improve the efficiency of electrical operations. Typical uses of their products are when they are fitted to packaging machines, plastic-injection moulding systems or used with agricultural machinery. They also produce components much utilised in the food and beverage sector and anywhere where the handling of material requires automated equipment. As well as industrial relays and shunt resistors, Carlo Gavazzi is recognised for its high-quality capacitive sensors and optical sensing devices. In the field of energy consumption, the company makes a wide range of metering and measuring equipment, such as energy analysers and multi-function meters which operate in multiple phases. Carlo Gavazzi's product designers also produce some process display products which are often ingress protected to ensure that they can operate well in a number of harsher industrial environments.


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