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Trading since 1958, the Brennenstuhl Group is an international company based in Germany which produces a wide range of products in the field of electronics and electrotechnology. With a great deal of investment in research and development, its engineers are constantly updating its products and bringing new ones to market. Its product ranges cover many electrical engineering needs, providing solutions for things like surge protection, power distribution, cable boxes and lighting. Among their lighting products is a wide choice of lamps which are specifically designed for workplaces. Brennenstuhl also makes an array of domestic solar technologies, mostly destined for the consumer market. These products range from solar energy sets to one-off external LED lamps. The company is also widely-known for it safety and security systems, for example its video surveillance systems, its intercom products and its smoke detectors. Brennenstuhl also produce mains plugs and adapters for devices to suit a number of different territories around the world.


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