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Swedish workwear specialists Björnkläder report that the company’s founder, J.F. Bellander, ‘clocked in’ for the first time in 1905. His company immediately began to develop modern, purpose-made work attire, creating a range of hand-sewn garments optimised for the needs of working people. Since that time, Björnkläder have remained focused on durable and protective work-oriented clothing which reflects the needs of many different trades. The firm were the first to market GoreTex high-visibility and weatherproof gear, and among the first to recognise and respond to the need for practical tool pockets in work outfits. And thanks to modern legislation on working conditions, the Björnkläder range is more in demand than ever. Björnkläder gloves have been designed and tested by experts who understand that different work contexts demand different features: Working gloves in pig leather give a very supple glove with wrist protection and reinforcement for the knuckles and fingertips; mounting gloves for mechanics have long, foldable cuffs and good ventilation, and are optimised for gripping in wet/oily environments; and Björnkläder’s seamless winter gloves are fleece-lined with a double latex palm. The company’s knee pads are equally well-designed, with a profiled knee area which allows the wearer to remain comfortable when standing. Most Björnkläder workwear can be supplied on 24-hour delivery.


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