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Founded by Joseph Belden in Chicago in 1902, just as the ‘wiring of America’ was getting started, the Belden company have since built a worldwide reputation via their core specialism of insulated wire, cable and related products. Since then, Belden has branched out to accommodate the needs of a digital age offering high-quality signal transmission capabilities based on copper, fibre-optic and wireless technologies. Having once delivered Belden inventions such as flexible insulation and rubber plugs to kick start the electrical supply industry, the company now deliver innovative solutions for commercial broadcasters, industrial networks, security services and much more. Shielded cables in a variety of gauges still form a major part of Belden’s remit, though modern demands can often be quite complex and involve premium-quality cables for near-lossless transmission of audio and video signals, or custom-built cable networks for high-speed data transmission. Specialist applications often demand Belden multicore cabling in various internal configurations – sometimes incorporating flame-retardant, oil-proof or halogen-free materials – and the company’s experts are often called upon to design and construct durable, high-specification LAN networks based on ethernet cable connectivity and fail-safe Belden components. Almost 75% of Belden stock is available for next-day delivery, with the remainder supplied within five days.


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