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First established in Germany in 1947, Bachmann has grown and developed into an award-winning market force in the global electrical engineering industry. Now based in Stuttgart, Bachmann’s core business focuses on the development and manufacture of electronic components and systems. With manufacturing sites in China and Romania, as well as Germany, Bachmann supply innovative power solutions for IT facilities, sophisticated modular electronic and lighting installations in modern buildings, conference systems, state-of-the-art power outlets for high-quality domestic kitchens, and much more. Convenience, power-saving and sustainable, eco-friendly designs now top the company’s agenda, and Bachmann’s willingness to collaborate with customers to produce targeted solutions has won them many friends. Power deployment and connectivity is where Bachmann really excel with a full range of mains cables, cable reels and power strips. Beyond simple power delivery in a robust format, the company can offer surge protection and filters, IP-rated dust and moisture protection, custom sockets and complex switching facilities of the kind often required by computer systems and similar digital equipment. A selection of plugs, sockets and power cables compatible with the demands of international voltages and common system requirements are also popular stock items. Around 70% of components can be ordered on 24-hour delivery with the remainder usually supplied within five days.


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