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Also known as APP, Anderson Power Products is a European leader in the design and manufacture of high power products. Accredited with ISO9001:2008, the company produces a number of interconnect solutions for specific electrical systems. With a huge number of registered patents, APP is widely viewed as an innovator, especially in the field of cable mounting applications. Although originally based in the United States, SPP now operates from Warrington, UK. Offering anything from flat-wiping, to pin and socket, and hot pluggable, right through to PCB mountings, the range of APP’s products is renowned for the variety of contact options available. Their connector systems are rated for anything from 5 to 700 amps and for 150 volt to 600 volts in AC/DC applications. Among the many housings made by APP are their circular connectors which come in a variety of choices, such as those for air or auxiliary contacts. They also produce well-regarded battery and LED connectors, notably for the solar energy production market. APP manufacture a good number of crimps and contacts designed for various loads and cable types. These are often made from tin-plated copper alloys and built for universal use, being hermaphroditic in design.


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